Dry Stone Walls

Dry Stone Walls

Basics, Construction, Significance

A uniquely comprehensive source of knowledge, combining cultural history with a guide to plants and animals finding their habitat in dry stone walls and a practical step-by-step building manual




Edited by Environmental Action Foundation

1st edition

, 2019

Text in English


472 pages, 362 color and 187 b/w illustrations

20 x 29.5 cm

ISBN 978-3-85881-813-3


Dry stone walls are a critical component of the landscape in Switzerland and many other countries. They support the cultivation of agriculture and livestock, and they are also integral to the ecosystem. And, in many locations across Switzerland, they are in need of restoration by those with a thorough understanding of their roles and vast range of types and purposes.

Drawing on the copious research and practice of the Environmental Action Foundation, Dry Stone Walls is a uniquely comprehensive work on the topic, combining cultural history with a guide to plants and animals that find their habitat in such structures and a practical, step-by-step manual to the building and maintenance of dry stone walls. Richly illustrated with more than four hundred photographs and drawings, including many in color, the book contains a wealth of advice for both the planning of new dry stone walls and the care of existing ones, as well as information on structural analysis and the organization of building sites. The book will serve as a guide for future generations everywhere to this ancient practice that is in danger of extinction.

With contributions by Werner Bätzing, Sandro Benedetti, Fredi Bieri, Giovanni Buzzi, François Busson, Klaus C. Ewald, Hans-Karl Gerber, Marianne Hassenstein, Thomas Kesselring, Hans Peter Kistler, Peter Krebs, Christine Loriol, Daniel Pelagatti, Ingrid Schegk, Theodor Schmidt, Mathias Steiger, Richard Tufnell, Andrin Willi, and Franziska Witschi.


Die deutsche Ausgabe ist im Haupt Verlag, Bern, erschienen.

Autoren & Herausgeber

Werner Bätzing

Sandro Benedetti

Fredi Bieri

François Busson

Giovanni Buzzi

Environmental Action Foundation

, founded in 1976, is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Swiss nature and landscapes.

Klaus C. Ewald

Hans-Karl Gerber

Marianne Hassenstein

Thomas Kesselring

Hans Peter Kistler

Peter Krebs

Christine Loriol

Daniel Pelagatti

Ingrid Schegk

Theodor Schmidt

Mathias Steiger

Richard Tufnell

Andrin C. Willi

Franziska Witschi