Middle East

Middle East

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Between conflict and utopia: the Middle East. A region where the future of the architectural profession and its exciting possibilities are being tested.




Edited by the Chair of Prof. Dr. Josep Lluís Mateo ETH Zürich, and Krunoslav Ivanišin

1st edition

, 2013

Text in English only


180 pages, 106 color and 134 b/w illustrations

16.5 x 22 cm

ISBN 978-3-906027-16-6

Architectural Papers, Monograph II


Middle East explores the architecture of a nearly paradoxical region. The cradle of culture, where much remains of thousands of years of human society, the Middle East is also an area of great flux in contemporary history. This volume explores this dichotomy in three sections. The first, “Beyond the View,” investigates notions of Middle Eastern architecture through a comparative study of different parts of the Arab world. “Case Studies” focuses on three exceptionally different cities—Beirut, Amman, and Doha—through an investigation of recent and future building projects. The final chapter, “Limits” looks at the architectural practices of countries that constitute the geographic, cultural, and political limits of the region: Israel, Turkey, and Iran.


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Autoren & Herausgeber

Yaşar Adanali

Khaled Adham

Sahel Al Hiyari

Mohammad al-Asad

George Arbid

Marianne Baumgartner

Ulrich Bellwald

Rami Daher

Saba Ghasemizadeh

Anna Grichting Soldner

Anna Hotz Semadeni

Krunoslav Ivanišin

 is a partner with Ivanišin. Kabashi. Arhitekt in Dubrovnik and Zagreb (Croatia). He has been a teaching assistant at the Department of Architecture at ETH Zürich and is a visiting professor at the Barcelona Institute of Architecture.

Ibrahim Jaidah

Ömer Kanipak

Bernard Khoury

Bechara Malkoun

Josep Lluís Mateo

, born 1949, runs his own studio mateoarquitectura in Barcelona and is a professor for architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich).

Cecília Obiol

Ashraf Salama

Wael Smhouri

Han Tümertekin

Ala’ Zreigat


«Highly recommendable!» metalocus.es, Candela Oliva, 2013


«Das Buch ist auf der Höhe der Zeit: in der Thematik, aber auch mit der Gestaltung und im diskursivem Vorgehen. Das Buch […] bestätigt noch einmal die Aussagekraft von Architektur für gesellschaftliche Prozesse. Speziell und gut!» Die Beste Zeit. Magazin für Lebensart, Thomas Hirsch, 2013